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Ready to bring the world of music to your child? You won't want to miss this exclusive one-time offer below.

Help Your Child Sing Toolbox

A toolkit of videos & visuals to help your child learn to sing.


Finally, an easy way for you to add music to your child's education.

Music Duo's Help Your Child to Sing Toolbox allows you to bring the joy of singing to your child's life. Let your child experience the magic of singing right from your own home.


Unlock your child's music potential.

For a limited time, get access to our Help Your Child Sing Toolbox for just $19 (a $79 value!)

  • Our Top 10 Ways to Help Your Child to Sing video, with expert advice given by Ms. Davis, a veteran music teacher to help you get your child singing (PDF included)
  • Folk Song Sing-along video, 15 fun songs for your child to sing along with Ms. Davis and vocal warmups included
  • Digital lyrics book so your child can read along while singing
  • 5 fun and engaging vocal warmup videos to encourage your child to warm up his or her voice and expand the vocal range
  • 8 printable melodic contour cards to practice vocal warmups
  • Printable activity sheets
Toolbox with Expert singing advice for children with vocal visuals

$19 $79

" This year, the boys were enrolled in our local parochial school for the first quarter, but for a variety of reasons we decided to move back to homeschooling - and I was thrilled to find your subscription service available, with such engaging content!  It is a huge relief to me to know that the boys are receiving such quality instruction, as music is the one subject that I don't feel qualified to teach.  

Thanks so much for all the hard work you have put into the videos!"
— Music Duo Parent

Help Your Child Sing Toolbox

The Click and Play Toolkit Designed to Assist You in Helping Your Child with Singing

Just imagine if you could...

  • Have click and play expert singing tips right in your home!
  • See an experienced teacher show singing techniques to your child.
  • Click and play fun vocal explorations for your child to participate with.
  • Start a love of music in your child.
  • Watch your child participate in singing, playing, and moving to fun and engaging songs.
  • Watch your child develop an interest in music that he or she would like to continue.

" Music Duo videos are engaging, enriching, and musically stimulating journey that both of my daughters can’t seem to get enough of. Ms. Davis is incredibly knowledgeable and her passion for music and teaching children shines through every video. My girls have grown quite attached to seeing Ms. Davis in the videos. Her warm, friendly and enthusiastic demeanor makes it feel as though she’s speaking directly to your children and no one else. (I swear she’s magic!) I highly recommend Music Duo!"

— Monique F.

Meet Ms. Davis!

Like many teachers, when COVID hit, I had to be creative in bringing content to my virtual students at my school. I videoed my lessons, uploaded them to Youtube, and then showed them to my students. It was a game-changer! These videos were so impactful, I started using them with my in-person students.

Meanwhile, homeschooling families found my videos and clamored for more. They witnessed the immense dedication I put into creating these video lessons, combining my years of experience, education, and training, resulting in an unparalleled online music education that cannot be found anywhere else!

" My boys wanted me to tell you that they especially love the games, and my 3rd grader also said to tell you that he enjoys the vocal explorations!  They really look forward to the music lessons!"

— Music Duo Parent

Help Your Child Sing Toolbox

Get the tools you need for your child to enjoy learning how to sing.

Getting your child to sing is easier than you think, especially when you have easy-to-use tools at hand. The expert tips for parents, the sing-along for the child, and all the fun warmups and visuals will give you what you need at your fingertips. And we added some activity sheets for fun too!

Here is a more detailed look at what you will get in this toolbox.

Ms. Davis gives 10 tips to encourage singing at home, easy proper singing techniques like posture and breathing, how to expand their range, and even how to keep them singing in the future. A PDF is also included.

This Folk Song Sing-along video warms up the children's bodies and voices properly and will have the children singing along with Ms. Davis. This is an unaccompanied video, singing only, but lots of fun! There are printable lyrics for every song so children can read along if they choose.

There are 5 new vocal exploration videos that are excellent ways to get your child to explore his or her vocal range without even realizing it! Even the most reluctant child gets involved.

Music Duo Warmup Card
Music Duo Warmup Card
Help Your Child Sing Toolbox Warmup Card
Help Your Child Sing Toolbox Warmup Card

Here are just 4 of the 8 printable melodic contour cards to help your child warm up to sing and/or expand his or her vocal range.

Match the sing-along song with the picture
Find the singing words

And finally, we included some fun activity sheets for your child to do. They can match the songs to the pictures, draw their own melodic contour cards, or do a word search, all reinforcing what they learned with singing.


"As a music teacher of 23 years, MusicDuo is a comprehensive end to end music education program.  Whether you have child who needs enrichment programs to their existing music education or as a standalone music education curriculum this program fits the bill. This program is fun, interactive, engaging and creative. I highly recommend this program."

-Alex K.

Ready to Get Started?

For just 25 minutes, save over 60% and get this amazing original Help Your Child to Sing Toolbox for just $19. Simply click the button below for instant access.


 "Ms. Davis, I am homeschooling my son in Japan and we LOVE you and your happy upbeat ways with song bouquets and great music lessons with movement! Thank you for sharing your awesome talent. Now he wants to play the xylophone - your Halloween classes were perfect".

-Jule P.