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The truth is a complete education is only complete if the arts subject is included. If you've struggled to include the arts in your child's education, this video is a perfect first step!

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" Music Duo videos are engaging, enriching, and musically stimulating journey that both of my daughters can’t seem to get enough of. Ms. Davis is incredibly knowledgeable and her passion for music and teaching children shines through every video. My girls have grown quite attached to seeing Ms. Davis in the videos. Her warm, friendly and enthusiastic demeanor makes it feel as though she’s speaking directly to your children and no one else. (I swear she’s magic!) I highly recommend Music Duo!"

— Monique F.

Meet Ms. Davis!

Music can be a struggle to teach.

As co-founder of Splendor Productions and the curriculum writer for the Music Duo courses, Linda is committed to bringing music education to all children. She brings her experience in her elementary music career to partner with parents to give them easy tools to help their children excel in music.

In her early years of teaching, she struggled to put together a sequenced music program that she was satisfied with until she finished her Kodály training. Then it all finally made sense! Using all her previous courses and experiences, she was able to create a curriculum that teaches a complete music education in a very user-friendly format. And of course, it is fun and engaging for the children!

Music can be a tough subject to teach well, as most resources have a more a la carte offering. Ms. Davis has brought it all together to make it a one-stop shop!

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